USA VPN: The 7 Best Free VPNs United States of 2024

I am going to show you in detail which are the best VPN to America for Free, to use in or outside the USA. With different countries to choose from, or even with American servers that will provide you with a US IP address.

But why do you need to have a American IP address? It will help you access those websites, applications and content that have geographic restrictions, and that are only available in the United States.

► The Best Free VPNs United States

🔝 PROTON VPN: The Safest Free USA VPN

The best VPN United States Free and unlimited that you can use and that will help you evade blocks, censorship and geographical restrictions is ProtonVPN , because it is the most secure free VPN.

It's a Premium VPN with a free version that includes the USA in its list of free servers, along with: Poland, Japan, Netherlands and Romania, but it connects randomly to the fastest server near you, so it's likely that connect to an American server if you are in United States, Mexico or a country in Latin America.

Otherwise, you can change servers until it connects to the United States. Proton VPN It has very good speeds, you can use it on any device and operating system, and you can even install a router.

It is a VPN that is focused on privacy and security based in Switzerland,  a country with the strictest data privacy laws in the world,

It is equipped with a powerful Kill Switch, modern encryption protocols: Wireguard, Chacha20 and a new obfuscation protocol that they have patented called “Stealth”, which is ideal for avoiding VPN detection and blocking systems.

Although it is unlimited and has all the security features that I mentioned, the fact that it only has 5 countries and that they are also random, is a bit annoying. However, the Premium Version has a 30-day money back guarantee that works like a free trial.

And it gives you access to more than 4,900 high-speed servers (957 are the United States) and 91 countries , including the USA, obviously, it unblocks all streaming platforms, it has specialized servers for torrenting and it has a blocker for tracking ads and malware.

✅ Tuxler VPN

If you are looking for a VPN that works perfectly, even with the most difficult tasks, such as unblocking US Netflix content for example, Tuxler is the best option. And it works very well because it uses residential IP addresses , which makes it undetectable to anti VPN systems.

It is completely free and unlimited. With it you can connect to the US, and although you can choose the United States, you cannot choose the city (choosing a specific city is a function of the premium plan). But you can rotate them randomly.

In addition to the USA, it has 115 more countries to which you can connect and 300 thousand residential IP addresses that are renewed every month. It is the only VPN I know of with these features.

I also have to tell you that it has all the disadvantages that can be expected from a free service, I tell you all the details in this review: Tuxler VPN | Opinions of a VPN that seems Perfect. But to give you a summary:

  • It has a very questionable privacy and security policy.
  • Available only for Windows and Mac (no Mobile apps).
  • It's quite slow.
  • Only allows 10 location changes per day.

⚠️ There is another Free VPN that is also unlimited and has the United States, but it is the alternative that I least recommend because it does not offer the same level of security as the previous VPNs, and they are also much slower, but it is always good to know all the options: UrbanVPN.

✮ Planet Free VPN (Also Unlimited)

Planet Free VPN is a VPN that includes the USA in its list of free servers and 4 more countries: France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It is unlimited, has good speeds, is intuitive and quite easy to use.

It is a relatively new service, previously it was a paid-only VPN (RusVPN), but now it is betting on a free version, in the hope that if you like it, you will unlock the additional features with a subscription.

⚡ Windscribe (10 GB per month)

It's a top-rated VPN with one of the most powerful free versions I've seen after ProtonVPN, but it's limited to 10GB of usage per month.

With this free version, you can choose between these US cities: Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Miami Snow, Miami Vice, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Seattle . And you can also choose from 9 other countries.

🛡️ PrivateVPN (10 GB per month)

It is another VPN USA recommendation, which includes 3 American cities: Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York and Miami. But you can choose between 9 more countries also included in its free version, which, like the previous one, has a limit of 10 GB per month.

💥 (10 GB per month)

It is another secure VPN for the United States Free, and offers only 2 connections identified as “US Coast and East Coast” . A free version that is no more generous than previous VPNs, so it also offers 10 GB of usage per month.

🍿 Free VPN that works for Netflix USA

Of the free options I mentioned above, only Tuxler VPN has the ability to access Nexflix content from the United States because it is residential, but it has quite low speeds, sometimes frustrating, and the limitation that you can only use it on Windows and Mac, because it doesn't have mobile applications.

Netflix has tightened its fight against VPNs, and right now no Free VPN works, it is so difficult that most paid VPNs now have specialized servers exclusively for unblocking streaming.

➤ Best VPN United States with Free Trial

NordVPN, Surfshark and ExpressVPN are currently the best VPN services for the United States, due to their security, performance and large fleet of servers and countries, they are not free, but they offer a free trial with a 30-day money back guarantee.

🥇 NordVPN

Of the 3 options, NordVPN excels in performance and privacy, it is the fastest and has many security features (more than you may need), it works to unblock streaming (Netlix), it is an excellent option for downloading Torrents and Gaming.

It has 61 countries including the US and a fleet of 6,062 servers, of which 1,970 are from the United States. Although it is not the cheapest, it is currently my best VPN recommendation with the best balance between price and value.

🥈 Surfshark

Surfshark is another good choice, it has a list of 100 countries including of course the United States, and 3200 servers . It's cheaper than NordVPN with the long-term subscription, it has more countries, and unlike NordVPN which allows you to use 6 devices at once, Surfshark offers unlimited devices, so you can share your subscription with friends and family.

🥉  ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has servers in the USA and 104 other countries , it also offers good performance and works for anything you need to do with a good VPN, (Streaming, Torrenting, Gaming, etc.) But compared to the previous two, it has the fewest functions. additional offers and is the most expensive.

Whichever you choose, keep in mind that they all have audited No Logging policies, and their servers are RAM only, which means they cannot store data, so they are very secure. They have all the necessary functions to bypass any censorship and any block, (even the one from China) they have applications for all devices and have 24/7 support and live chat.

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