Free VPN Argentina: Bypass geo-restrictions or connect to a VPN with Argentina servers

In addition to using a VPN in Argentina to bypass blocks and geographic restrictions, outside of Argentina people often use a VPN with Argentine servers because it's one of the cheapest regions for online purchases, games, subscriptions, and memberships.

So, it's necessary to use a VPN with Argentina IP Address to buy cheaper on: Eneba, Steam, Xbox, Epic Games, Fortnite, EA Play Pro, popular games like EA FC 24, watch Argentine TV channels, or pay less on Adobe, Crunchyroll, Spotify, HBO Max, Netflix… and the list goes on.

Regarding Gaming, in addition to getting cheaper games and accessing games that are not available in your region, using a good VPN helps improve ping and latency, avoid DDoS attacks, bypass speed restrictions from your internet company, play on servers from other countries, or connect to the same servers as your teammates, and more.

Best Free VPN for Argentina (If you are in Argentina)

The best Free and unlimited VPN that you can use if you are in Argentina and that will help you evade blocks, censorship and geographical restrictions is ProtonVPN , because it is the most secure free VPN.

It is a Premium VPN with a free version that will automatically connect you to the fastest server in one of the 5 available countries: United States, Japan, Netherlands, Poland or Romania.

It has very good speeds, works for any device and operating system, and you can even install a router.

It is equipped with a powerful Kill Switch, modern encryption protocols: Wireguard, Chacha20 and a new obfuscation protocol that they have patented called “Stealth”, which is ideal for avoiding VPN detection and blocking systems.

Free Argentina VPN (With Argentina IP Addresses)

But if what you need is a Free VPN with Argentina Servers that specifically has IP addresses from Argentina, Tuxler VPN is another alternative, it is a free and unlimited Residential VPN that has 300.000 IP addresses in 116 countries to choose from.

In fact, it is the only free VPN that has Argentina Servers, and you can even change cities.

With the free version of TuxlerVPN you can bypass any geo-restrictions, IP blocks and internet censorship. And it supports Peer to Peer, so it supports Torrents downloads.

Yeah! It has many advantages. But be careful! Which also has disadvantages. For example:

  • A very questionable privacy and security policy.
  • Available only for Windows and Mac (no Mobile apps).
  • It's quite slow.
  • Only allows 10 location changes per day.

What is the Best Free VPN for Argentina?

I told you earlier that Proton VPN is the best free VPN for Argentina, based on its unlimited security and privacy features and functions, and it doesn't display ads. However, it's also true that it only offers 5 countries, and they are random, which can be a bit annoying.

Nevertheless, the Premium Version comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that acts as a free trial. It gives you access to over 4,900 high-speed servers in 91 countries, including Argentina. It unblocks all streaming platforms, has specialized servers for torrenting, and features an ad, tracker, and malware blocker.

Other secure free options are: PrivadoVPN, Hideme, Atlas VPN, or TunnelBear but unlike Proton VPN they are not unlimited and only offer a maximum of 10GB usage per month.

Which VPN Argentina is totally free?

There are two very popular options: Hola VPN and Urban VPN. However, I cannot recommend them because they openly admit to collecting and selling user data. The infrastructure of a VPN costs a lot of money, and this is the way they have found to finance it.

If your goal in using a VPN is simply to temporarily change your IP address, and privacy is not a significant concern, then one of these VPNs may be useful. However, if you engage in banking transactions, online shopping, or simply want to enhance your online security, you should consider a premium VPN. Check out the VPN deals for this month.

With a completely free VPN, you might be able to change your IP and access some blocked websites in your country. However, the speed is non-negotiable – they are extremely slow due to a high number of users. For the same reason, they may experience interruptions, or attempting to connect to a specific country may not work.

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